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Start End Name
<<March,26 11:04Radio Resident: Gagarin Project - L'annee du Serpent
March,26 11:05March,26 11:57Cosmicleaf Records presents: Side Liner - Water Everywhere (mixed by Roux)
March,26 11:58March,26 14:27Radio Resident: Astropilot - Colours (VA compilation)
March,26 14:28March,26 15:30Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Radio Mix
March,26 18:47March,26 20:07Radio Resident: Aqua - Under Trees
March,26 20:08March,26 20:57Kuba - New Ancient Dreams
March,26 20:58March,26 22:08[ ] presents: MAHIANE - OXYCANTA III
March,26 22:09March,26 23:47Radio Resident: Zymosis - MegaMix
March,26 23:48March,27 01:03Radio Resident: Maiia - Strings Are Tense Through Our Hearts
March,27 01:04March,27 02:04[ ] presents: MONSTERHED - Christmas mix
March,27 02:05March,27 03:58Radio Resident: Kyoto - Air
March,27 03:59March,27 05:30Radio Resident: Aqua - Night Rain
March,27 05:31March,27 06:30Radio Resident: Maiia - Another Perfect Day
March,27 09:47March,27 11:15Radio Resident: Tentura - The Xperiment
March,27 11:16March,27 12:13Special Guest: Dubtrak - Before Daybreak Yoga Mix
March,27 12:14March,27 13:45Radio Resident: Aqua - First Drop
March,27 13:46March,27 14:55Radio Resident: Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening: Venus
March,27 14:56March,27 16:00Liveloula - Inspiration
March,27 16:01March,27 17:00[ ] presents: MIZOO - Chirstmas Mix
March,27 17:01March,27 18:05Radio Resident: Maiia - Primrose
March,27 18:06March,27 19:07Special Guest: Narcose - Panda Eyes
March,26 15:31March,27 22:23Radio Resident: Astropilot - Samsara Festival 2016 closing set
March,27 22:24March,27 23:31Radio Resident: Chronos - Spiritus
March,27 23:32March,28 01:25Radio Resident: Yaleeni - Vortex of Visions
March,28 01:26March,28 02:44[ ] presents: Solar Fields - Until We Meet the Sky
March,28 02:45March,28 04:47Radio Resident: Kyoto - Yellow Skies
March,28 04:48March,28 05:59Tornfly - 3013
March,28 06:00March,28 06:54Special Guest: A.I.A - Electronica. Mix One
March,28 06:55March,28 08:01Special Guest: A.I.A - Electronica. Mix Two
March,28 08:02March,28 09:53Radio Resident: Kyoto - Gravitation
March,28 09:54March,28 11:00Radio Resident: Maiia - Healing vol.II
March,28 11:01On airAquascape - Underwater Stranger